A few words about me ...

I live and paint in the spa town of Cieplice Œl¹skie Zdrój. I practice easel painting. My workshop is classical. I use canvas, oil paints and brushes. The themes of my works are landscapes, architecture, portrait, as well as "my philosophical". The paintings are partly a reference to classical realist painting, as well as my own interpretations in terms of, for example, composition or colour. They are my personal statement of "something" I have to say, they are an expression of humour and seriousness - that is art in life, life in art. I do not stick to any styles, schools or directions in art. In painting, as in sport, you have to train constantly to keep in shape and develop.

My solo exhibitions:

2009-Volkswagen Center, Magdeburg
2015 – Natural Museum, Jelenia Góra
2017 – Natural Museum, Jelenia Góra